COASTAL STYLING can help maximize your real estate investment profits by enhancing the best features of your property which increases your selling price. We’ll create the dramatic impact your house needs to stand out from the competition and sell quickly. In a matter of days, we’ll give your property a makeover that buyers will remember. It will be arranged with curated furniture, artwork and accessories to ensure your house or commercial property will show beautifully!

Property staging is a small investment which yields a big return. Professionally staged houses sell more quickly and at higher prices than comparable homes. If you don’t want to spend tens of thousands of dollars on a new kitchen and bathrooms, consider spending a fraction of the price on home staging and you will still gain the equity your property deserves.

STATISTICS:  Properties which are professionally staged sell 50% faster and at 10% higher prices than unstaged homes. First impressions matter because buyers make a decision within moments of entering the front door – make sure your presentation grabs their attention. In the current housing market, buyers can afford to be highly selective. Buyers are discriminating and have high expectations, and the ‘fixer with potential’ often sits on the market for many months and has multiple price reductions. Studies show that only 10% of buyers can ‘visualize’ what a property will look like once it is upgraded so savvy sellers set the stage in order to get high bids. According to, overall prices of a 3 bedroom 2 bathroom residence on the east coast after spending between $5,000 – $8,000 on home improvement and staging efforts, results in an average selling price increase of $23,532. In the United States, consultation fees for home staging are tax deductible as an expense in preparing your home for sale.

The investment in home staging will always cost less than a price reduction.

Oak Island, North Carolina